Community & Causes

My guiding principles are rooted in KINDNESS, COMMUNITY, and EMPOWERMENT. In terms of community, it has always been essential for me to foster inclusivity, where everyone feels safe and welcomed to share opinions and knowledge. Your support means the world to me, and through your generosity, I am able to make charitable donations. Below are some resources and organizations I support. While there are many more out there, this is a meaningful start.


The Team Evelyn Foundation

The Evelyn Foundation team is dedicated to enhancing pediatric cancer care for our most cherished treasures—our children.

Team Evelyn Foundation

Fundraising for Radiation Child-Life Specialist

Evelyn Roy Child-Life Specialist Memorial Fund


Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross Society is part of the largest humanitarian network in the world, which helps people and communities in Canada and around the world in times of need and supports them in strengthening their resilience.

Helping To Strengthen Resiliency - Canadian Red Cross


Calgary Cinderella Project

The Calgary Cinderella Project celebrates aspiring graduates as we fit them with formal attire including dresses and accessories to attend their high school graduation ceremonies. Since 2006, this program has discreetly enabled students in need to graduate with pride and confidence with their peers.

Calgary Cinderella Project