Don't know your ring size? - Trisha Flanagan

Don't know your ring size?

Just in my studio and I thought I'd talk about finder gauges, ring sizers because a lot of people are buying rings online now. So what this is, is a tool to help you find what size you need. Ok. So basically it's a belt, you just slide it into the slot and you just pick a size start somewhere. I'm gonna measure this finger. Ok. So this is too tight. Doesn't go over my knuckle. Very important. Rings have to go over your knuckle. Ok. So I'm gonna loosen it up maybe a full size. Ok. So there we go. So it goes over my knuckle and then in my meaty bits. So that feels pretty good. Doesn't feel like it's so it has a little bit of a tug. So that's pretty good. So what this is saying is I'm a size seven. Can you? Hm, because the seven is a little bit covered up and it has little ticks in between all the numbers for half sizes. So that's very important also. So I'm gonna take my mandrel, this has all my sizes along. It's kind of faded because it's well used, well loved. So I have a size 7.5 ad this is a size seven. ok. So that's the difference in the size right here. So I'll try the 7.5 just to show you. So that slides on easy, feels fine, but it does feel a little loose. Like if I wave somebody, it might go fly it off. So, but this one, this is a size seven. So that just has a little bit extra kind of tug on my little meaty bit. So that is exactly how it was with. Yeah. Engage. Ok. There we go. So that's my ring multi-sizer. if you guys need a tool, I have these available in my shop. Ok? 
Never guess your ring size again: Adjustable Ring Sizer
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