7 Tips for Women with ADHD from ADHD Women Entrepreneurs

7 Tips for Women with ADHD from ADHD Women Entrepreneurs

When I launched my Fidget Rings Collection, I had no idea how popular they would be! To be honest . . . like a lot of what I do around here, it was a bit of an experiment. 

At markets the fidget rings would become one of my most popular items and curious me, I would ask what they liked and why? Most would stay they liked the look and feel but sometimes I would get the answer 'it helps with my ADHD'. 

I had no idea.

I was very interested in how a fidget ring could help women with ADHD. This led me down a rabbit hole of the world of ADHD and some very crazy statistics popped out at me like only 6% of girls are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD compared to the 13% of boys (CDC).  

Continuing on this adventure of research, I discovered that women often are undiagnosed for various reasons like symptom types, medical bias, lack of research, and stereotypes. (Cleveland Clinic - ADHD in Women) I mean, that's ridiculous and has to change, right?

All this led me to thinking, why not go straight to the source and ask ADHD women entrepreneurs for their top-notch tips on improving focus and limiting distractions for a woman newly diagnosed with ADHD? Here's what they had to say.


Tip 1 - Know What Makes You Feel Successful 

Patricia Sung
ADHD Coach for Moms with ADHD - www.patriciasung.com
“My best tip is to learn about how your brain works: first through understanding ADHD as a whole, then specifically how does your flavor of ADHD show up? What do YOU need to feel successful? And when it feels overwhelming (cuz it will) start with your nervous system. What do you need to get out of the long-standing fight or flight status that you’ve gotten used to?”
Patricia Sung - ADHD Coach for Moms with ADHD 

Tip 2 - Start your Day with Cash Generating Tasks

Ari Scott

ADHD Business Coach & Consultant - www.adhdinbiz.com
“Make your core values self-awareness and self-forgiveness. Focus on regulation not revenue and always start the day with your cash generating tasks when you can manage to do so.”  
Ari Scott - ADHD Business Coach & Consultant  

Tip 3 - Use Deadlines

Amanda Keener
Journey Through ADHD - @journeythroughadhd
“Always get a deadline.”
This little detail can keep you on track, provide structure, effectively manage your time, and boost productivity. (Why Setting Deadline in Time Management is Essential, Ola Rybacka)
Amanda - Journey Through ADHD  

Tip 4 - Turn off Notifications

Jessi Romero

ADHD Business Coach – www.adhdfemaleentrepreneurs.com
“When running a business, you must protect your attention and your focus. So being picky with which notifications you’re letting go through is key! Spend a couple minutes on your phone/computer notification settings and remove the ability to notify you from unimportant apps. That photo editing app shouldn’t be notifying you about new templates. It throws you off what you were doing and can take you a moment to get back in. You’re in charge so protect your attention and remove those notifications and get in the habit of using your focus/do not disturb mode.”  
Jessi Romero - ADHD Business Coach  

Tip 5 - Take Breaks

Shannon Smith
Photographer, Creative Artist & Body Image Coach – www.artistshannonsmith.com
“Take breaks. Multiple breaks so I don’t burn out while hyper focusing. So only filling my cup so much so that it forces me to get up and get more water.”  
Shannon Smith - Photographer, Creative Artist & Body Image Coach

Tip 6 - Set a Timer

Trisha Flanagan
Jewelry Artist - www.TrishaFlanagan.com

I am not diagnosed with ADHD but recognized that everyone can easily become distracted from their work tasks. Setting a timer of 20 to 30 minutes really helps me to feel like I'm getting the work done and surprise, surprise, it gets done. 

Trisha Flanagan Instagram


Tip 7 - Get a Fidget Ring

Take it a step further and invest in your focus with a Fidget Ring. To enhance your productivity and maintain focus, this stylish and practical accessory is designed to keep your hands occupied and your mind focused during work or creative sessions. Click here, the picture or the button below to purchase a Fidget Ring.

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To all you amazing women entrepreneurs with ADHD out there, listen up! You've got the strength and resilience to rock your ventures like no one else. Embrace your ADHD, be kind to yourself, set those purposeful deadlines, and remember to take care of YOU!
Valuable insights from fellow ADHD entrepreneurs are worth considering, but it's essential to seek appropriate resources and professional guidance tailored to your unique needs.
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