Morse Code Pendant
Morse Code Pendant
Morse Code Pendant
Morse Code Pendant
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CUSTOM WORD - I will translate ANY NAME or WORD into Morse Code that you would like. It will take 3 business days to handmake and ship to you. 

It features soldered spheres spaced out along a solid12 gauge sterling silver rod, which means this necklace will never kink or break.

The length of the necklace depends on you. In one of the pictures, I am wearing an 18-inch long necklace. I want to be size-inclusive jeweller, so if you don't see your size in the dropdown menu, let me know what size you would like me to make, either in a message or a comment at checkout. I would be happy to do this for you. 

Like all my pieces, there will be small file marks due to my handmade process.

Morse code is simply a method of transmitting text information in a series of on-off tones, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment. -Wikipedia

All necklaces will arrive on a jewellery display card within a sealed plastic bag including a label with the word and the Morse Code translation, care instructions and a business card.