Hand holding BALANCE Morse Code Bangle
BALANCE Morse Code Bracelet
Hand holding Morse Code Bracelet
Sterling Silver BALANCE Morse Code Bangle
Sterling Silver BALANCE Morse Code Bracelet
Silver BALANCE Morse Code Bangle
Silver Morse Code Bracelet
Women wearing three Morse Code Bracelets
Women wearing three silver Morse Code Bracelets
Women wearing three silver Morse Code Bracelets
Women wearing silver Morse Code Bacelet
BALANCE Morse Code Bracelet

BALANCE Morse Code Bracelet

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BALANCE - •••• - • - ••• - - • - • - ••

As a wife, mother, business owner it's hard to find the perfect work/life BALANCE. So inspired by my need to remember to be kinder to myself I created this bracelet.

The BALANCE Bracelet is easily worn every day. I have designed this bracelet using the Morse Code method. It features 12 soldered spheres spaced out along a solid 12 gauge sterling silver rod, which means this bracelet will never kink or break. It is an adjustable bracelet that fits wrists as small as 6 inches to 7 and a half inches, by squeezing the ends together when on the wrist. The same method can be used to reform it if necessary. Like all my pieces, there will be small file marks due to my hand made process.

Morse code is simply a method of transmitting text information in a series of on-off tones, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment.

Want a CUSTOM WORD or NAME? Here’s the link to have a Personalized Morse Code Bracelet made for you or as a gift: https://www.trishaflanagan.com/collections/custom/products/custom-name-morse-code-bracelet-adjustable-solid-sterling-bracelet-friendship-or-daughter-gift

All pieces will arrive in a sealed plastic bag, with a label with the WORD and the Morse Code translation, Care instructions and a business card.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/trishaflanagan/